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Location and climate

Chinchón is found within the Tagus depression, to be more exact in the Tagus-Jarama basin. Its natural surroundings have been tampered with by man who has transformed and redesigned its present form, always to suit his own ends.

The climate is a factor that determines the strong contrasts there are in the landscape and conditions the activities and customs of the inhabitants. Chinchón has a Mediterranean continental climate which could be called semi-arid cold to temperate.

Man is responsible over the years for the serious deforestation it has sustained and this has given rise to extreme temperatures in Summer and heavy frosts in Winter.

Paisaje de Chinchón

Highest environmental humidity is found in the area of the fields and the lowest on the hills and moors.

The whole area around it is affected by the pluviometric readings for the Community of Madrid, and precipitation is between 400 and 500 mm per annum.