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Z.E.P.A. of the cliffs and ledges of the rivers Manzanares and Jarama

Special Protection Area for Birds, is a kind of protection established by Order 79/409 of the European Union and which is a part of a European network for conserving threatened birds, compatible with the social and economic development of human activity.

It includes the approximate extension of the South-East Park and represents an area of great interest so far as its fauna, flora and geomorphology are concerned. Prominent amongst the areas for birds are the woods on the banks, low-lying shrubbery, oak thickets and marshy vegetation.

Laguna de San Juan

Vista aerea de la Laguna de San Juan

Characteristic of the area are the colonies of choughs, black kite, kestrels, peregrine falcons and royal owls.

The ZEPA and the South-East Park are home to marshy areas as a result of extraction activities, some of which are catalogued in the National Inventory of Wetlands.