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Culture and society

Chinchon is a town with a long and storied history that goes back from prehistory to the present. For these lands have gone as peoples and cultures: the Carpetanos, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs etc. All we have left some trace always culturally and monumental that we can identify and interpret in our society today and in our territory.

While the most flourishing period of our population is in the late Middle Ages and early modern age when the Catholic Kings deliver these lands in solitary Lordship to Sir Andrés de Cabrera and his wife Mrs. Beatriz de Bobadilla. From here Chinchón and subsequently graduates Counts undertake projects that even today we can admire in our city as monuments, festivities and traditions.

Chinchón having a great and rich history has given rise to some of its inhabitants have reached heights of fame and national, of which only the most famous quote: Lope de Vega, Francisca Enríquez de Rivera, Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, Benito Hortelano, Salvador Sanchez "Frascuelo, Enrique Segovia Rocaberti, Orson Welles, José Sacristán.

This is just the beginning of a great journey that we invite you to start with us.