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If Chinchón is known for anything, it's for its cuisine. The traditional Castilian cuisine dominates the charts. Lamb, pork, goat in a wood oven, stews and pepitorias with game meats and poultry, soups and stews and vegetables enriched with the plain, depending on the season, beans, peas, artichokes, beets, garlic soup for, beans, stew vigil ...

In addition to the large range of cuisine that restaurants are responsible for maintaining, in Chinchon you can taste and buy other products not worse for less known.

For example the great decorated breads. The hornazo, sweet roll with egg in the center. Also produce high quality cheeses, sausages and hams in the traditional manner. Especially interesting are the hams with paprika, the pastries, based on high quality flour, eggs and honey, adopts forms and intensities for all tastes. The sweets of the Clarisas nuns are famous, but any workshop will soothe your sweet tooth.


Chinchón Anise is being developed since the seventeenth century and always 100% distilled using exclusively since matalahúga anise, which gives the odor, taste and smoothness characteristics of the genuine and traditional product, from which the town of Chinchon is so proud.

Chinchon Anise has the distinction of geographical designation, granted by the European Union to certain products with traditional and differentiating production methods.

In 1911 was founded the first producer company of this anise, Alcoholera of Chinchon, Gonzalez Byass SA currently. It still produces this famous anise which distributes throughout the world market.

Licor de Anís



Fatty liquid, yellow-green, which is obtained from olives.

Chinchón is land that meets each year the watchful eyes of the fields, waiting for the new fruit, sincere, rewarding effort all year. In winter Chinchón spills over olive groves, before the cold tough harvest spoilage.

In Chinchón, wineries are traditionally monumental, as they say in real assets and succulent meats undecorated.


Lilac plant whose bulb white, pungent and spicy flavor and strong smell, composed of numerous teeth, is widely used as a condiment, tender, raw or as an ingredient in stews, fries, etc. .. and in the preparation of sausages.

The fine garlic of Chinchón has a taste and aroma identical to its color, pearl, soft pink. Tooth small brown head is able by itself to turn a humble gastronomic as fried eggs, soup or pepitoria into emblems, and it's no necesary to peel it. They are included in the Madrid's Foods denomination, Food Quality and partner on APYCA, Producers and Traders Association of Garlic from Chinchón.


Foto antigua de los ciudadanos de Chinchón


Alcoholic product obtained from the fermented juice of grapes.

Garnacha is native grape juice, red and cheerful. Now begin to retrieve the value and consideration that have reached the end of the last century, when the evils of phylloxera damaged the French vines before the Spanish and the country experienced a deserved and resounding wine boom.

More than five million of strains have reached the land of Chinchon according to data collected by Narciso del Nero.


Cheese is a food of high nutritional value because it contains proteins, minerals, fats and vitamins.

Its marketing has been so adulterated that has come to lose its reputation.

The artisan cheese is one of the jewels of the country. Made from sheep's milk, rennet and salt, can be semi-cured, cured or macerated in oil.

Foto antigua de los ciudadanos de Chinchón