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Physiographic geology

Vista del paisaje de Chinchón

Four separate physiographic units can be found within the confines of the municipality.

The River Tajuña, that has given shape to the landscape of the area with its erosive impact and which with its sediments has formed fertile farmland. Besides the Tajuña basin there are numerous lagoons to both sides of the riverbed that define the landscape.

The fields or the floodplains of the river are made up of alluvial matter that belies a soil fertile and deep for agricultural activities.

The countryside is the area in contact with the farmland and the higher part of the moors and is made up of sand and gravel used for agriculture (above all vineyards and olive groves); there are also some extensions of pine forests due to a reforestation plan over the last few years.

The moors consist of the plains ending at the basin above the open country. It is land that has been carved with gullies and it has scanty natural vegetation.