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Touristic guide of Chinchón

Chinchón City Council provide through this Illustrated Guide the possibility to know our wonderful heritage and cultural tourism, unique in the Community of Madrid. Our municipality located in the southeast of the Community and 45 km from the capital offers a broad term full of contrasts culminating in a town full of attractions which will be detailed in this guide, as the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, the Theater "Lope de Vega", the Monastery of MM Clarisas, our chapels, and of course, the jewel of the region, the Plaza Mayor of Chinchón, declared the 4th great material Madrid.

Also see our typical products that adorn our cuisine and enjoy any of our counters and acquire specialized establishments.

Festivals also occupy an important section in this guide. La Pasión ("The Passion") of Chinchón, declared of National Tourist Interest, Carnival and its medieval market, the Beneficent Bullfighting Festival and our Patron Festival in August are undoubtedly dates in any tourist calendar.

From the Department of Tourism, we want your visit to be as pleasant as possible and we are delighted that you have our municipality elected as your travel destination.

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